Looking forward to this years June football clinic with Claremont Football Club. If you haven’t heard of the event reach out to Claremont Football club to register attendance at these great clinics available. 

Meet Jada from our team

Jada is our receptionist/admin officer in our Broome office and is Autistic. Her favourite task is processing invoices which has led to her commencing study at TAFE.

At the office we recently celebrated Autism Awareness month with a presentation from Jada who was diagnosed at 10 years of age. She has previously given presentations like “Autism in the Workplace” to try and improve the employability of autistic people in Broome through educating local businesses. 

Jada’s biggest advocates and motivators are her mum Shantel, partner Tom, and her younger brother Torin. She enjoys sharing fun facts about snakes, fungi, and autism, and in her free time plays video games and read books. Her favourite species of snakes is the spider-tailed horned viper from Iran.

Jada has a pet Stimson python called Rickey (or Rickles) who she has nicknamed Smaug after the fire-breathing dragon from The Hobbit series due to his orange evil-looking eyes. If you ever meet Jada wearing an apron, there is probably a snake in her pocket (we warned you!).

If you’re ever nearby or in the office make sure you say hi to Jada or feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.