A Full Complement Of Professional Staff

We have developed a core policy of committing highly qualified and skilled resources to field operations with innovative in-house training to up-skill all personnel and members of Aboriginal communities.

At KRSP we have a full complement of professional staff including electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics, fitters, turners and machinists, storemen, vehicle maintenance, MC and HC drivers and builders. If you are looking for a rewarding position amongst a progressive and dynamic company we would love to hear from you.


Express Your Interest And Get In Contact

Our services are delivered from permanent bases in Broome, Beagle Bay, Ardyaloon, Looma, Kundat Djaru, Kalumburu, Kununurra, Kupungarri and Fitzroy Crossing. A major factor in the success of our programs has been through the employment of local Indigenous people. If you or your family member is looking for an opportunity for employment, to upskill or to learn a trade please get in touch with our team and register your interest.

Profeciently Trained And Competent

Our support and training provided underpins the results we achieve. We create standardised working processes for each task and ensure quality management is adhered to, enabling a high performance service from all our employees. Many of our staff have been integral parts of our team for many, many years becoming highly engaged professionals that value themselves and provide an unrivalled service.

Professionally trained and competent in the correct safety and maintenance practices provide safe reliable results that our clients rely on. If you would like to explore the possibilities of learning a trade or have grown up in one of our communities there is no better feeling that giving back and helping make a difference.

“I love my community, I Want To Look After It"

“Skilfully and gleefully swatting these outdated assumptions on behalf of the Jimbalakudunj community, and women in general, is Essential Services Officer Anthea Nargoodah. In the male-dominated world of mechanics and sub-tropical outdoor work, Ms Nargoodah, 31, lives about 120km north west of Fitzroy Crossing at Jimbalakudunj where she is responsible for maintaining the powerhouse and water supply. She is one of just two women in WA, and just a handful in the nation, to hold a Certificate II in Remote Area Essential Service. Ms Nargoodah joins fellow indigenous woman — Leslie Boddington from the East Kimberley — who graduated five years ago and continues to maintain services at the Mindibungu community. She completes daily, fortnightly and monthly power, water, bore and sewage infrastructure maintenance and checks to ensure vital equipment worth hundreds and thousands of dollars is operating optimally, 365 days a year. Ms Nargoodah’s self-determination is palpable and in contrast to society’s wider misconceptions of indigenous communities in the State’s north, her attitude is a common one.” (Source West Australian article).